About Us


Triangle Park is for the enjoyment and betterment of the community by maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for all to appreciate.

About Us

Triangle Park, 5425-65r Upland Way in Wynnefield was a vacant lot about 1 1/4 acres large, in the rear of homes of 1800 N. 54th, 5400 Upland Way, and 5400 W. Montgomery Avenue.

ribbon-cuttingThe Friends of Triangle Park wanted to create an environmentally friendly park space from a vacant, neglected, blighted area to address the needs for a project that can positively impact the Wynnefield area. On October 2005, Wanda Staples connected with American Cities with the understanding that they were looking for a beautification project.  Wanda recommended Triangle Park for improvement which was then, an overgrown, dirty property with lots of weeds as high as corn, abandon cars and who knows what else. Co-captain, Sandra Franks and Wanda Staples went to each resident with homes facing the rear of Triangle Park to determine what they would like to see, and/or do with the vacant lot. Skip Wiener through American Cities created a “draft” rendering which included every idea based on discussions we noted from neighbors. The first visit was to Mayor Michael Nutter (then Councilman) and the group showed him the plans. He welcomed it and assisted the group in obtaining an Entry Authorization and made a monetary commitment. It has been a lot of paperwork, e-mails and phone calls since. Due to a political snafu, funds were lost and ownership was questioned. American Cities was the first to cut the tall weeds and make it presentable. We have also received clean-up assistance from Caribbean American Mission for Education, Research and Action, Inc. which consisted of Overbrook Students and Students from the Virgin Islands through Jim Baker and St. Joe’s students did a major cleaning on their community day. Through Neighbors and organizations we had been successful in keeping it clean.

We managed to keep it clean inside and outside the perimeter, which was a great deterrent for dumping. We continue to receive cooperation from the neighbors, and organizations. To date no actual work has been done which would include, remove the existing fencing, leveling the grounds, and start the walking track which all residents unanimously agreed on.

*On April 16, 2009, the struggle is over, Councilman Jones contacted me personally to advise resolution was just passed for Triangle Park (the vacant lot will be Deeded to Wynnefield Residents Association).

He also advised he has been given authorization by Mayor Nutter to release the funds to start this project. (As of 4/25/2009, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. has engineers looking at the rendering).

Councilman Jones also requested we look at Conshohocken/Wyndemere Playground, built by the Wynnefield Heights Association because we can expect Triangle Park to look very similar to their project. We look forward to receiving the Award Letter from Councilman Jones, then funding and written confirmation of the Deed. We are excited to get started on this project as soon as all papers have been signed, sealed and delivered.

We did it! Look at us now: We had a our 1st ground breaking on February 15, 2015, our second on June ?, 2013 and our ribbon cutting ceremony was held on June, 7, 2014. Please view our opening on youtube “Triangle Park Grand Opening” for the official ceremony. That is where we are.