Hours and Regulations

Hours & Regulations

Summer Hours

April to August

Sunday – Saturday:  6 AM – 11 PM

Winter Hours

September to March

Sunday – Saturday:  7 AM – 10 PM

Rules and Regulations

  • No Littering
  • No Loitering/Standing or sitting on residential steps or driveways surrounding Triangle Park.
  • Please respect our homes and private driveways (No parking in driveways around park).
  • Smoking or Alcoholic beverages of any kind is prohibited.
  • No profanity in or around park area.
  • Report any illegal transactions/usage in or around Triangle Park area to proper authorities (911).
  • Please do not confront anyone using or making any illegal transactions (report to proper
  • authorities).
  • No sale of goods of any kind permitted in or around park area.
  • No loud profanity, music in or around the park. Please respect our residential neighbors.
  • No dogs allowed in park or chained to the fence around Triangle Park.
  • Please do not leave children unsupervised.
  • No fighting or bullying of any kind in or around Triangle Park.
  • Do not use Triangle Park or homes surrounding park for public restrooms.
  • Do not try to remove or fix any park equipment (please report to proper authorities).
  • Put recyclable items in recycling bins and garbage in trash containers.
  • Do not place any medical waste in recycling bins, or garbage receptacles.
  • Please share any input you have concerning park activities and/or events with steering
  • committee.
  • Do respect Triangle Park hours of operations. No unauthorized persons permitted after closing.
  • Please contact Town Watch personnel or police if you witness any illegal activities in or around
  • Triangle Park after closing. (Please do not approach anyone taking part in illegal business).
  • Please load & unload all event equipment at loading gate only.


  • Please help keep our park safe, clean and a friendly environment.
  • No dumping or disposing of charcoal in or around Triangle Park is allowed.
  • Triangle Park is under 24 hour surveillance (you are being watched at all times).


  • For events at this location – Please call Parks & Recreation -(215) 686-1776
  • For emergencies, call 911 or for non-emergency 311.
  • Motorized vehicles of any kind prohibited / Skateboards prohibited
  • Designated stewards for each event only one event at a time.
  • Designated trash pickup location.
  • No removal of trees, plants, shrubs, or grass is prohibited.
  • No Moon Bounces or inflatable equipment.